SailMatch (My own sailing ship simulator)
To run the applet, read the notice below

  Top 10 performances  
  To run the game/simulator simply insert your name (optional) and click the start button.

The target of the game is to sail the boat from the two green markers (starting line) to the red ones (finish line) in the shorter time possible. In this preliminary version the path is very simple, it takes less then five minutes to travel from left to right and complete the game. Read below to get more informations about this project...

The black line represents the sail, the gray one is the rudder.

   - left/right arrows: rudder control
   - up/down arrows: ease or haul the main sail
   - Mouse Wheel up/down or PageUp/PageDown: zoom in/out
   - A: auto sail on/off. Triggering this help will lead to a lower score
   - V: vectors on/off. Triggering this help will lead to a lower score
   - ESC: stop the simulation

   - Blue: true wind
   - Cyan: apparent wind

These ones are drawn only after V key has been pressed:
   - Yellow: sail force
   - Magenta: boat speed (where the boat is directed, which is not necessary where the boat is pointing)

The small box on the left-bottom side is the map of the race fields. Objects are presented as follows:

   - Green dots: start line markers
   - red dots: finish line markers
   - black dot: human boat
   - gray dot: IA boat
   - yellow line: human boat to finish line direction
  !!! BUG !!! When the "START" button is clicked the first time, the game hangs!! Press ESC and than click "START" again to have it running correctly. Sorry, i'll correct this ASAP
  IMPORTANT NOTICE: this JAVA applet is developed using JDK 1.6.0_03. In order to have it running the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6.0_03 or better has to be installed on the client PC. You can download it from
Furthermore, this page uses pop-up windows to save and show results, so these should be enabled in the browser options.
  Features and to-do list

Currently the simulation engine implements the following:

   - apparent wind vector
   - sail force (resistance and lift) generated according to the "angle of attack"
   - sail can be ease or haul and "follows the wind" if eased
   - rudder lift force
   - water resistance opposes to hull according to its speed
   - race time is stored online and the top10 visible to all users

More features needs to be added... here are some in random order:

   - better GUI
   - complex paths to sail through
   - online multiplayer ??
   - different difficulty levels and appropriate score system
   - instruments panel (compass, speed vectors,etc)
   - remove mistakes of this translation......

   - variable wind (both speed and direction)
   - better water/hull interaction (the current model is simple and probably not physically correct
   - eased sail rotation applied according to brace of forces. Currently a linear rotation is applied
   - collision detection and boat-to-boat interaction
   - better IA
   - "3d effects" like sail effectiveness reduced by boat inclination and other stuff

   - some unmanaged exceptions occour here and there, sometime... somewhere...

Of course I'm open to suggestions...
  Copyright (c) 2007 by Simone Pedruzzi - E-Mail